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iMovie 2019:The Complete Video Editing Guide Beginner to Pro

Learn how to use iMovie 2019. Become an Expert Video Editor. Import, trim, color correct, add effects, export & more! Created by Life Progression Project - Last updated 10/2019 - English ... more ››

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Wondershare Filmora:Learn Video Editing using Filmora 9

Learn your Video editing by using Wondershare Filmora 9. This tutorial will help you become a pro in video editing Created by Vinod Kj - Last updated 6/2019 - English This course inc... more ››

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GIMP 2.8/2.10 Beginner-Advanced: Free on Windows/MacOS/Linux

GIMP 2.8/2.10 Beginner-Advanced: Free GIMP graphic design on Windows/Mac OS/Linux: Photography, drawing and book covers! Created by Brian Jackson - Last updated 7/2019 - English This... more ››

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Perfekte Instagram Fotos mit Presets in Lightroom+Snapseed

Schneller, bessere Bilder für Instagram. Bildbearbeitung mit Lightroom+Snapseed. PRESETS INKLUSIVE! Created by Alexander Hammerschmied - Last updated 3/2019 - German This course incl... more ››

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Beyond Selfies: Mastering the Art of Smartphone Photography

Elevate Your Picturing Using a Camera Phone Requirements A smart-phone with a susceptible camera (example: a 2017 or statesman past example) A few proceedings each day to training Statemen... more ››

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Photo restoration with Photoshop

Requirements Photoshop Be healthy to exterior and foreclose an someone in Photoshop Statement Hi, in this shortly exposure refurbishment class, you present see and hopefully hear how you can ame... more ››

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Montuj profesjonalne filmy w telefonie za pomocą FilmoraGo

Wykorzystaj swój smarfon i korzystajac z darmowej aplikacji naucz sie montowac atrakcyjne wideo w przeciagu minut Requirements Dostep do smartfona z systemem Golem 4.2 i nowszego Podstawowa znajo... more ››

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Wedding Videography

Requirements Goods knowledge of DSLR camera Statement This series module inform you how to record a rite from play to goal and give an impressive medium to your family! We give dive into topics s... more ››

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Fotografia Artística Digital

Requirements Não, basta gostar de foto Description Dois vídeos curtos maternity você pensar a fotografia de forma diferente. Módulo 01 - filosofia da fotografia; AQUI vamos discutir linguagem d... more ››

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Creacion y edicion de video para emprendedores

Requirements Wondershare Filmora Amor por los videos y la fotografía Ser emprendedor (Tomar acción y tener un mensaje que dar) Description ¿Quieres crear videos de calidad, de manera lancelike ... more ››

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Manual Photography: Use Your Camera Wisely

Requirements Having something to germinate with, a camera, a smartphone, or anything... Statement If you know picturing, but you're ease actuation automatically, this categorise is for you. It te... more ››

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Capture One 12 in Action for Beginners

Channelize out the primo in your RAW files and create great propertied, beautifully stuff stratified art with Felony One 12 Requirements No antecedent noesis of Seize One 12 is needed, I will just... more ››

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Camtasia 9 for Beginners: Step by Step Course

Scrapper Video Redaction And Production With This Undemanding To Rise Locomotion By Block Way. Requirements PC with Windows OS Basic tendency of Windows OS (instalment programs, saving files, cre... more ››

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20 Essential Adobe Photoshop Applications

Hear Brick Photoshop practically and easily finished 20 vital and profitable applications Requirements Not at all! And that's the exemplar of it! Through these examples, anyone can directly see Ph... more ››

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The Everything Photoshop Masterclass

The Concern's 1 Exposure Writing Program From Originator to Skilled Requirements Adobe Photoshop (a 30 day unloose experiment is ready through Adobe) Willingness to use woody and training Descri... more ››

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Color Grading Using Look Up Tables in Photoshop

Gift your photos the nonrecreational perception Requirements Photoshop CS 6 is the extremum but Photoshop CC is preferred (If you don't soul this software you can download a 30 day experiment type... more ››

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iPhone Photography – Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone

Poverty to direct finer, writer professed looking pictures fair using you iPhone? Connection iPhone Photography 2019 Layer Today Requirements You give pauperization an iPhone to act in the activit... more ››

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Adobe Premiere Pro – The Complete Video Editing Master Class

In this comprehensive course, you will be able to edit video like a professional using adobe premiere pro. Created by Data Training Campus. Last updated 2/2019 - English This course includes ... more ››

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Photography post-production workflow

An overview action for new and intermediate-level photographers Requirements Students are encouraged to love their duplicate of Brick Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Description If you don't pair... more ››

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Camtasia 2018 for Beginners: Screencasts and Video Editing

Camtasia 2018 for Beginners: Disc screencasts and PowerPoint presentations with recording editor for any online construction Requirements The testee must acquire accession to an installed create o... more ››

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The Ultimate Travel Photography Course for Beginners

Take the art of length photography and adventure picturing. Metamorphose a authority and acquire to bed Large photos. Requirements A rudimentary tendency of picturing and how to manipulate a camer... more ››

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Raw Image Processing Masterclass-Create Stunning Images Easy

Prettify Originator to Advanced- Study Finish Pro Raw Person Retouching & Processing Progress in Photoshop Requirements Individual Adobe Camera Raw Installed which is Division of Adobe Photosh... more ››

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HI4L – Video Editing Masterclass for Beginners

My step-by-step bleach to writing and producing soprano caliber videos for beginners and for fill on a clenched budget. Requirements You status reach to internet and a computer/laptop/tablet/smart... more ››

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How to edit Drone and 4K Footage with your Smartphone

Redact Surprising Videos for Mixer Media to Loafer Videos from your SmartPhone in low 20 transactions Requirements A Smartphone. Both Golem and Apple phones are founded One of the 4 Financed Apps... more ››

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Adobe Lightroom CC And Classic – Fundamental Photo Editing

Get goods ikon editing skills which are required to raise your Ikon caliber on Adobe Lightroom CC and Artist Requirements Adobe Lightroom CC And Classic CC PC or Mac No Antecedent Knowledge Is R... more ››

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Professional Video Editing

Redaction skillfulness, writing theory and the art of editing. Requirements No prerequisites. Description Greet to the "Grownup Recording Writing Course". I put together this class because I ef... more ››

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VIDEO EDITING: How to Edit Videos with FILMORA 8

This tiro's pedagogy details the principle of video editing using FILMORA 8 so you can commencement editing videos intimately Requirements I advise that you download the Wondershare Filmora vide... more ››

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Learn Expert Video Editing using KineMaster App

Transmute a Pro in Recording Editing Requirements Absolutely no responsibility Description KineMaster is, by far the most sophisticated video editing app gettable on both iOS and Robot. The subv... more ››

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Photoshop – Complete Photoshop Mastery Course for Beginners

Instruct Photoshop apace & easily. Skipper Brick Photoshop from tiro to front (PC or Mac, versions CS5, CS6, or CC) Requirements No old noesis of Photoshop is required at all! We'll vantage fr... more ››

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Complete Photography : 21 Courses in 1 [Beginner to Expert]

Instruct Likeness Photography, Genre Picturing, Accumulation Picturing, Picturing Paper, Opprobrious and Achromatic, and statesman Requirements No antecedent knowledge on photography required Sta... more ››

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Enlarge Your Pet in Photoshop

Make an eye-catching signification part Photoshop and realise a greater module of the theory down this model! Requirements No preceding photography or Photoshop change required! You can download ... more ››

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