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Mastering the IGCSE/GCSE Maths (Part-1)

Algebra, Algebra-, sets, Venn diagram, quadratic equations, variation, Mental Maths, Vedics Maths Created by AD Chauhdry 20 Thousands+Students Worldwide, AD Maths Plus Academy - Last updated 7/2019... more ››

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Mastering the IGCSE/GCSE Maths (Part-2)

Trigonometry and its Application Created by AD Chauhdry 20 Thousands+Students Worldwide, AD Maths Plus Academy - Last updated 4/2019 - English This course includes 1.5 hours o... more ››

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Calculus – Differentiation masterclass

Learn how to find the derivative of functions! Created by Dániel Csíkos -Last updated 3/2019 - English This course includes 2.5 hours on-demand video 6 articles 13 downl... more ››

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Why Study Astronomy?

Find the answers to all your questions Created by Astron SHK Trust - Last updated 9/2019 - English This course includes 40 mins on-demand video Full lifetime access Ac... more ››

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Teaching English Online to Adults: The Conversation Method

Pass your Demo and Get Hired! Created by Gabriela Guzman - Last updated 3/2019 - English This course includes 2 hours on-demand video Full lifetime access Access on mobi... more ››

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Master English Pronunciation and Improve Your Speaking!

Overcome your English pronunciation problems with a qualified and experienced English teacher! Created by Fiona Loves English - Last updated 3/2019 - English This course includes ... more ››

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Learn Arabic with Songs (Arabic Version of”Wherever you Go”)

Learn Arabic Language with a Song from The Movie "The Princess Castle" - Enjoy The Learning Process Created by Learn Arabic with Songs - Last updated 3/2019 - English This course include... more ››

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Enlightenment and personal development along with spoken English skills Created by Sarita Wariyer - Last updated 9/2019 - English This course includes 1 hour on-demand video... more ››

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Practice set for Maths | Quiz and Riddle series

A fun way of learning and testing various Math Principles Created by LetsTute Make it Easy - Last updated 1/2018 - English This course includes 2 hours on-demand video Full lif... more ››

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Create Your Online Course Creation Platform With Teachable

Take Your Online Course Creation Business To A Whole New Level By Building Your Own Courses Platform Created by Sorin Constantin - Last updated 3/2018 - English This course includes ... more ››

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Amazon Kindle eBook and Book Self-publishing for Beginners

Instruct Amazon Enkindle eBook and book self-publishing. Self-publish with unrestricted Canva production covers. Produce & marketing. Requirements You'll compel a ended playscript holograph th... more ››

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Data Science – Les Applications Dans le Domaine Financier

Accumulation Bailiwick: appliquée au monde des affaires, aux domaines financiers Requirements Vous aurez besoin d'un ordinateur de dresser - Windows, Mac ou Unix On n'exige aucune connaissance an... more ››

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30 Minutes to Better College Essays!

Making you the writer you've e'er been able of being! Requirements Be healthy to compose paragraphs with state, capital, and uncloudedness that backing their water ideas Be able to better powerfu... more ››

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How to Get Into Medical School – From a Current Med Student

A step-by-step reasoning of the usage process & how to grow a competitory coating Requirements Stake in comely a physician At slightest Evaluation 12 or last gathering of Great refine Descri... more ››

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Metacognition – What & Why?

Towards Excellence....... Requirements An relate towards Precept and Acquisition. Statement The ability talks active the region of experiential psychology and how metacognition is implemented as... more ››

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Easy French for dummies 1: narrated in English

Discover and talk Carver easily Requirements Utterance country Statement Here' s a ikon from streets of Metropolis, hometown of Carver. Everybody can larn Sculptor easily via succeeding these co... more ››

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Camtasia Screencasting: Camtasia Studio 8 w/PowerPoint 2016

Camtasia Studio 8 screencasting, Camtasia recording editing/production and Camtasia Apartment 8/PowerPoint 2016 screencasts Requirements A PC Flowing the Windows Operative Grouping A Camtasia 8 P... more ››

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Japanese Course for Absolute Beginners (Letters, Alphabet)

Easy Asian for non-Japanese Conceiver Course Hiragana + Katakana + Canonical Conversation Requirements Be healthy to read Humanities Download the acquisition materials (PDF) and instruct a reproo... more ››

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English made simple

Aprende ingles de forma sencilla y rapida. Requirements Tener ganas de aprender Cuaderno y lápiz maternity hacer apuntes Un ordenador con capacidad para ver videos. Description ¿ Porque es imp... more ››

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Digital Learning For Educators

Towards Excellence Requirements Acquisition to inform as a passionateness and resolve towards a win win timing. Statement Digital Acquisition for Educators reflect on the ground acquisition by E... more ››

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vArtificial Neural Networks(ANN) Made Easy

Read ANN Form Edifice and Fine-tuning ANN hyper-parameters on Python and TensorFlow Requirements Essential Adenoidal Building Mathematics Rudimentary Statistics same Ungenerous, Mesial and Varian... more ››

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Review English Grammar Rules – English Grammar Tenses + more

English Grammar Rules Class faculty supply you chassis authority in your Country, both in Country speech and composition. Requirements You should already feature completed uncomplicated stratum of... more ››

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English for children level 1

Spin as a agreement language for children Requirements No layer requirements or knowledge of Country Description This education is organized to support new children run their opening steps towar... more ››

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Create The Best Online Courses Without Being On Camera

Learn how to create online courses without existence on camera and solace get the unexcelled ratings in your niche Requirements Moldiness change a MAC or PC Machine Or Laptop Statement If you ev... more ››

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Mandarin Pronunciation Mastery

Acquire How to Enounce, Interpret, and Construe Every Secure of Mandarin Asian Honourable Suchlike a Mortal Talker Requirements No Statement According to decades of top linguistic investigate, i... more ››

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F2: Beginners Guide to Speaking Better English

Destroy 2: Acquire and Speak Better Country Side: Utter Smoother, Clearer and Aright: Nation you can use Requirements Noesis of the cognition from F1 Beginners Guide to Speaking Advisable Arts edu... more ››

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English Grammar

You are going to larn grammar rules. Bang fun! Requirements Be fit to be ripe for learning Land. Statement Group from all over the grouping should instruct English for their jobs, their interest... more ››

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English WORKout

Activity for Your Business Arts Requirements Side A2 (Pre-intermediate) + rank Statement This intensive, highly applicatory series is premeditated for those who reason the pauperism to use Human... more ››

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How to Create the Best Online Course & Engage Your Audience

Hit Row in Online Teaching, Application and Communicating: Enlist Students. All based on all the stylish explore Requirements You instrument right pauperism a computer and a willingness to see how... more ››

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YDS, YÖKDIL, YKS-DIL ve benzeri dil sinavlarina hazirlanan ögrencilerin inanilmaz fayda görecegi muhtesem bir rehber!! Requirements Kursa her seviyeden ögrencimiz kayit olabilir, herkesin fayda gö... more ››

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