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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2019

Learn AWS In Under An Hour - Pass the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Exam Created by Muhammad Khan - Last updated 3/2019 - English This course includes 41 mins on-demand ... more ››

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Python Network Programming | Network Apps & Hacking Tools

Learn How To Create Python 3 Networking Tools and Progress to Creating Your Own Python 3 Network Hacking Tools Created by Phillip Aaron - Last updated 4/2019 - English This course in... more ››

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ClickHouse crash course. Conquer big data with ease

Learn how to use one of the most powerful open source OLAP database on the market. Put new life in your big data. Created by Viktor Dashkov - Last updated 3/2019 - English This tutor... more ››

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How To Rap For Beginners

Technical details, Exercises & Examples Created by Matt Edward- Last updated 3/2019 - English This course includes 2 hours on-demand video 3 downloadable resources F... more ››

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B2B Sales Training: Organizing and Prioritizing Your Time

Get the results you are after by motivating yourself to consistently move yourself forward towards your goals Created by Applied Excellence - Last updated 3/2019 - English This cours... more ››

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IoT – Turn a light on with Java, Raspberry PI and API’s

Safely turn on and off 110 V and control 2 Lava Lamps Created by Tom Jay - Last updated 5/2018 - English This course includes 1.5 hours on-demand video 1 downloadable resou... more ››

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Countering Violent Extremism

Issue in the present world is not a case of ‘gun vs gun’ but a case of ‘ideology vs ideology’. Created by CPS International - Last updated 5/2019 - English This course includes ... more ››

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The Ultimate Sales Course: How To Sell Anything To Anyone

The Secret Techniques That Made Me A MASTER At Selling Created by Daniel Barada - Last updated 3/2019 - English This course includes 1 hour on-demand video 1 downloadable r... more ››

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MongooseJS Essentials – Learn MongoDB for Node.js

Learn how to create Mongoose Schemas to build a full CRUD application based on the MongoDB database design. Created by Patrick Schroeder - Last updated 4/2017 - English This tutorial i... more ››

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Magical way to learn ‘multiple integrals’

Areas and volumes Created by Satish Chaudhary - Last updated 2/2019 - English This course includes 1 hour on-demand video 1 article Full lifetime access Access on mob... more ››

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学习php和Ajax——每个模块特性都用实时例子演示,了解如何创建一个简单的数据库API,该API可以从前端代码访问、更新等等 Created by qian li - Last updated 4/2019 - Simplified Chinese This course includes 21 hours on-demand video ... more ››

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Microsoft Office Word 2016: Parte 2 (Intermedio)

En este curso aprenderá a crear y editar documentos complejos! Created by SONIC Performance Support - E-Learning Experts - Last updated 5/2019 - Spanish This course includes 2... more ››

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Motion Detector Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller

You will Be Able to detect motion and protect your home, work or any area using this PIC Microcontroller step by step Created by Educational Engineering Team, Tech Geeks - Last updated 9/2018 - Eng... more ››

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Vmware VSphere 6.7 – Curso Prático

Primeiros passos com virtualização em servidores. Created by Eduardo Pasquotto Orsolini - Last updated 3/2019 - Portuguese This course includes 1 hour on-demand video Full ... more ››

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Débuter et créer votre premier jeu avec Unity sans code

Découvrez et initiez vous a Unity avec ce Workflow destiné aux débutants Created by Jean-philippe Parein - Last updated 3/2019 - French This course includes 1.5 hours on-deman... more ››

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Capital Budgeting and Project Evaluation Techniques

Fundamentals of different techniques used in project evaluation (Payback, NPV, IRR) & their relative shortcomings. Created by Manish Gupta - Last updated 3/2019 - English This co... more ››

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AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam Introduction

Prepare for the exam right Created by Premraj Jeyaprakash - Last updated 3/2019 - English This course includes 1 hour on-demand video Full lifetime access Access on mobi... more ››

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Apache Cordova – Build Hybrid Mobile Apps with HTML CSS & JS

Learn how Apache Cordova can simplify your Hybrid App Development across Android & iOS to minimize your maintenance work Created by Gaurab Kumar, Instill Learning - Last updated 9/2019 - Englis... more ››

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C++ in Detail: Exceptions

All about exceptions handling in C++ Created by Andrii Shostatskyi - Last updated 3/2019 - English This course includes 4 hours on-demand video 1 article 34 downloadable... more ››

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Modern OpenGL C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series & 3D Rendering

Learn modern OpenGL that underpins most new games, game engines and 3D rendering applications. Created by Frahaan Hussain - Last updated 12/2017 - English This course includes ... more ››

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Masterclass of Realistic Drawing and Shading Human Features

Realistic Human Feature Drawing, Hachure, and Shading with Pencil, Charcoal and Brush Techniques - Beginner to Advanced Created by Ian Xiang, Ava Moradi - Last updated 5/2019 - English This ... more ››

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English Grammar

You are going to larn grammar rules. Bang fun! Requirements Be fit to be ripe for learning Land. Statement Group from all over the grouping should instruct English for their jobs, their interest... more ››

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Facebook Marketing: How To Build A List With Lead Ads

The Staring Step-By-Step Draw To Develop Your List Without A Construction Author Requirements A machine with Net relation Following the step-by-step manual of this training $10 advertising budge... more ››

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Become Google Cloud and AWS Engineer – Combo course

Get Certified and turn a Cloud Skilled. GCP Unify Darken Soul.Instruct and Get Extremity on practicable on AWS. Requirements No writing live is required and write is provided for use in labs where... more ››

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Professional Video Editing

Redaction skillfulness, writing theory and the art of editing. Requirements No prerequisites. Description Greet to the "Grownup Recording Writing Course". I put together this class because I ef... more ››

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Tecnicas Modernas de Ventas Presenciales

Este curso te dara la herramientas lính realizar una buena tecnica en la venta presencial Yêu cầu Lenguaje Español Phát biểu y Escrito Nota de Apuntes Giải tán một lời xin lỗi Tuyên bố Hola ... more ››

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Tecnicas Modernas de Atención al Cliente

Este curso te dara la herramientas maternity realizar una buena atención a los clientes de tu empresa Requirements Lenguaje Español Buccal y Escrito Nota de Apuntes Dispocision a aprender State... more ››

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How to create hot SEO-friendly content – tips for bloggers

Tips and tricks for web cognition writers and bloggers to grade wagerer on explore engines. Requirements A computer/laptop/mobile devices with internet form Impropriety with/to see Spin and the u... more ››

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Confidence on Camera and How to Be Yourself

Hear the perfect steps to acquire the existent confidence on camera that instrument refrain you be yourself during transcription. Requirements A Desire To Instruct Realistic Sureness An Subject D... more ››

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YDS, YÖKDIL, YKS-DIL ve benzeri dil sinavlarina hazirlanan ögrencilerin inanilmaz fayda görecegi muhtesem bir rehber!! Requirements Kursa her seviyeden ögrencimiz kayit olabilir, herkesin fayda gö... more ››

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How to get Google Adsense Approval For Your Site

Take How to Get Adsense informing Authorized for your place Find how to get approved Google Adsense chronicle Requirements To get received into Google Adsense, you leave pauperism to possess a web... more ››

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The Ultimate Speed Reading Training Program & Formula 2.0 ®

Learn How Powerful Zip City Works. Constant City Techniques, Newsy Insights, and Limitations Requirements There are no prior requirements that you demand for this series Statement How large woul... more ››

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Microsoft Project 2019 – O Curso Definitivo

Seja um protagonista em gestão projetos. Requirements Informática básica Statement O curso de formação de Especialistas em Microsoft Ascribe 2019 é orientado pelas boas práticas de gerenciamento... more ››

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Your Complete Drawing Masterclass: From Beginner to Advanced

Deal the art and preparation of the important acquirement of drawing, to wreak your drawings to brio in our draftsmanship action. Requirements You can copy along with fitting a pencil, report, and... more ››

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