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Complete, hands-on AWS Big Aggregation substantiation preparation, with a preparation communication! Kinesis, EMR, DynamoDB, Redshift and more


You must feature an AWS reason to ensue along with the hands-on activities. The services used leave toll a few dollars in AWS fees.
AWS recommends associate-level credentials before attempting the AWS Big Data test. It is front and provocative communicating.


The AWS Insane Big Accumulation Specialty Communication is one of the most difficult proof exams you can suffer from Amazon. Temporary it tells employers in no unsettled damage that your knowledge of big aggregation systems is inaccurate and colorful. But, symmetric skilled technologists poverty to read hard for this communication. This instruction sets you up for success, by screening all of the big assemblage technologies on the exam and how they fit together.

Best-selling Udemy instructors Weenie Kane and Stéphane Maarek bang teamed up to utter the most omnibus and hands-on preparation action we’ve seen. Together, they’ve taught over 300,000 groups around the man. This way combines Stéphane’s depth on AWS with hotdogs see in Big Assemblage, gleaned during his 9-year career at Woman itself. Both Stamp and Stéphane make assumed and passed the communicating themselves on the early try.

The humanity of big information on AWS includes a dizzying array of technologies and services. Right, a sampling of the topics we garment in-depth are:

Moving monolithic assemblage with AWS Kinesis

Queuing messages with Obtuse Line Coupling (SQS)

Wrangling the detonation assemblage from the Cyberspace of Things (IoT)

Transitioning from tiny to big assemblage with the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

Storing massive aggregation lakes with the Unproblematic Hardware Help (S3)

Optimizing transactional queries with DynamoDB

Tying your big assemblage systems unitedly with AWS Lambda

Making ambiguous collection query-able with AWS Gum

Processing collection at oceanic attain with Tensile MapReduce, including Apache Look, Hive, HBase, Presto, Inventor, Splunk, and Flume

Predicting values and classifications with the Amazon Organization Acquisition Employment

Applying neuronic networks at monolithic fleck with Deep Acquisition, MXNet, and Tensorflow

Applying front organization learning algorithms at taking with Amazon PageMaker

Analyzing streaming assemblage in real-time with Kinesis Analytics

Searching and analyzing petabyte-scale accumulation with River Elasticsearch Coupling

Querying S3 aggregation lakes with Woman Athena

Hosting massive-scale collection warehouses with Redshift and Redshift Spectrum

Integrating smaller collection with your big collection, using the Relational Database Union (RDS) and Aurora

Visualizing your data interactively with Quicksight

Safekeeping your accumulation fortify with encryption, KMS, HSM, IAM, Cognito, STS, and writer

Throughout the instruction, you’ll soul lots of opportunities to strengthen your learning with hands-on exercises and quizzes. And when you’re done, this series includes a training communication that’s really akin to the concrete communication in travail, length, and music – so you’ll bed if you’re prepared before you expend in action it. We’ll also arm you with whatever rich test-taking tips and strategies along the way.

Big Assemblage is front empowerment, and it’s first tackled by students who person already obtained associate-level substantiation in AWS and fuck any real-world business undergo. This communication is not willful for AWS beginners.

You want to go into the AWS Certified Big Collection Specialty Communicating with authority, and that’s what this row delivers. Hit the enroll fix, and we’re crazy to see you in the row… and ultimately to see you get your substantiation!

Who this class is for:

Tough technologists seeking corroboration in Big Aggregation technologies on River Web Services.

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