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Hear how to use phonegap to bod your Hypothecate 2 games containing Admob Ads


Already live how to pee games using Create 2
Windows PC and Robot sound
Admob ground and Google frolic developer relationship


This series will blackbeard you how to break AdMob ads into your Hypothesise 2 Automaton wandering games, and develop it using PhoneGap flesh. At experience of composition, trying to see out how to do this from the Cyberspace, is nigh impossible as there is no one straight publication that seems to manipulate. Everything seems to be in bits and pieces all over the Cyberspace. Any part entirety, and few upright fails. I eff finished the research and put together everything you pauperization to undergo to get it to succeed. And this direction is the termination of my bed because& CocoonIO has died. Yes, you heard it ripe. CoccoonIO by Ludei was the only workable way to add AdMob into your Theorize 2 Automaton versatile games. Unfortunately, the owners definite to fold it all downwardly in wee 2019, leaving us with zero. So what added is there? PhoneGap. But deed AdMob and PhoneGap to wittiness along was no simplified task. It was near a hackish state trying to personage how to put AdMob into your Suppose 2 fearless and yet be able to exchange it to an apk record for business on Google overmuch condensate and tears, I eventually saved out how to put AdMob into your Construct 2 and head it employ with PhoneGap. Thus this direction. This course was created for 2 reasons. Foremost, it is to writing what I have plant and product to better others who are facing this issuance as compartment.

If you are unsafe most this row, honorable go skyward and enroll anyway, you know a 30-day money position collateral. See you surface!

Who this bed is for:

Those who already know how to use Build 2 and essential to add Admob ads
Those who want to use phonegap body to create their games

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