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Riba, Qimar, Maysir and Gharar in the context of Shariah; The Fiqh conception; Celebrity Teachings


Worry in Islamic Finance


Do you requisite to apace read the key concepts of Jurisprudence Management? This layer, which is taught in an handy communication, testament pirate you what is not permitted low Islamic Economics Law and what is the explanation behind the forbiddance. The pedagogy is wilful for students of Islamic Finance Law and for fill fascinated in transacting in Sharia manageable shipway. It is an first action, which module answer as a support for Class Two, which testament await at divers Islamic business instruments in more part and Teaching Iii, which module explore the instruction between Islamic Finance and FinTech.

By the end of this class you leave take:

?The import of Shariah

?How Sharia differs from Fiqh

?Which takes activity over the else

?The closeness between the two concepts

?How this plays out in pattern

The principal points of the teachings of Muhammedan Juwayni, Muslim al- Ghazali and al-Shatibi

Nigh Sukuk and Waqf

What is Riba, Qimar, Maysir and Gharar

The prohibitions on predestined products and industries under Islamic Law

Who this way is for:

Students of Islamic Law, Financial Law Practitioners, fascinated in Islamic Direction, retail investors consenting to comply with Law Law

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