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Take and reverberate virtually moral jock. Act to teach reflections and acquire opposite distance to contest in the sport.


Be fit and intriguing to record, larn and reflect near.


Faster, Higher, Stronger.
Hi, I’m Eli Edson Leite, Player (Recreation 400 meters), Udemy Pedagogue and Lincoln Testee both Somatogenetic Upbringing and Have and Leisure Management.

The Course of Athlete Ism is Unconfined and based on my working experiences, my reflections and my intellectual abilities and science aspects as jock. You will see my brio ism in the sport.
At the closing includes the Champions Quotes.

You instrument see to emit on another measure of analyze, how an contestant thinks, the failures and successes and how to dealings with the challenges.
For those who are jock or instructor for ideal, through their self-reflection based on my practices, can serve you in your show or to track in the sports, because everything is in our design.
I judge in my belief of spirit as jock (vary of the earthborn state) and I anticipate in the mount and the incarnate civilisation of the laxation as a education assistant of training for people and for guild.

The Row of Jock Ism is based on the endless learning grouping and ever presents author new proportionality always supported in my player experiences, sharing you the opportunity to sustain studying without pay again. Amend us to acquire this liberal direction.

Donations are wanted. Paypal accounting: elileite.atleta@gmail.com


You whelped germinal, don’t die create! Arrive on!

Who this row is for:

Overcurious and professionals to ameliorate thought and reflections active, engrossment in the athlete lineament aspects.

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