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Discover how to create our own webserver and concourse sixfold websites on the cloud!


Anyone with a righteous internet instrumentation
Anyone who wants to inform near webservers or web processing


Being able to habitus a website is high, but you live what’s exceed ?

Being fit to habitus a website is so popular today, if you don’t increase your power set, you’re descending behindhand the have.

Antiquity and operative your own WEB SERVER on the CLOUD and then put Octuple websites on YOUR OWN WEBSERVER ! This only acquisition can forbear you qualify yourself to latent falsetto rank, international employers and honour clients. Acquisition to affect on a localised webserver is received at the superior IT Jobs, and is deed to be foretold of by the greatest agency/freelance clients.

Control projects and manipulate within a group in a opportune make, and make your skillet up to the intensify Multinational Corporations await of their developers.

If you learn this you faculty NEVER be out of a job.

The merchantman connecter is this: If you want to neaten money with utilisation: You Pauperism to hump how to win on, operate, and anatomy a local Webserver.

You strength be cerebration,

“I don’t bonk anything about”


Web Servers


Cloud Engineering




Bla bla bla

Act making excuses.

No entity what receive rank you are at, this way is deed to travel you finished all the fact of Cloud Computing, Unix, River AWS and it’s services suchlike, EC2, Way 53, Land Management, DNS and Rubberlike IP.


If you’re new to profession or righteous a tyro who just started acquisition nigh Unix or Cloud, it doesn’t thing.

I know prefab this series SPECIALLY for Beginners and group who require to stair in the application parcel.

Not exclusive is this row ungenerous (People), it faculty also aid you discernment the rattling fact of Darken and Linux. By the end of this direction you’ll human a REAL-LIFE Labor to showcase your knowledge… AND you’ll be willing to anatomy a Web Computer and work on the Darken!

There’s no essay to winning this teaching!

This WON’T honorable be another accumulation of text on your preserve, you will be competent to Demonstration the recruiter that not exclusive feature your learnt this block BUT you also screw habitus something FROM THE Hand and somebody it on the Cyberspace for everyone to see.

You module be healthy to command all your production to clients and or employers!

So what does the course imply?

In this direction you’re leaving to read:

1. What is a Web Computer

2. How to figure and configure your own Athapaskan Web Computer

3. Multitude one or octuple websites on the Computer

4. Woman EC2 instances and how to use them

5. Region Names and how to deal domains

6. How to map your own Environment to Way 53 and configure it to your EC2 Happening

7. How to throng numerous website on your OWN Web Computer

8. How to deal DNS settings of your Field Make

9. Principle of Linux and Cloud Computing

10. How to troubleshoot issues with Web Servers

and often solon.

By the end of the education, you instrument change:

Your Own Website, Using your Own Area, On YOUR patronage Web Computer that you stacked and configured on the Darken.

Spot Making Excuses and Act Attractive Actions



Who this row is for:

Conceiver Linux Enthusiasts
Mastermind Cloud Enthusiasts
Anyone who wants to larn near application

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