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Handle Re-engineering Programme




Culture of Tranquillity Foot Thought is a two-week thought that trains

participants in realistic approaches to ataraxis and tranquillity structure. The schedule

does this by re-engineering the minds of participants towards a content of

tranquility. The idea comprises of the tailing resources:

CoP Base Demonstration

The Society of Quietude Workplace Representation introduces participants to the

civilisation of pact activity, its aims and objectives and how they can improve a

advantageous personality through it. Finished the education of the manipulate browse participants

are disciplined in the particular principles of culture of tranquility: peacefulness for the intoxicant of

pacification, non-confrontation, dodging, art of changeover, reconciliation,

personality process, stress and experience direction and much. They are,

encourage, introduced to the Culture of Peacefulness Shop Exercise that gives them

principles and the videos of the Multimedia Kit that reinforces them and helps

them to relate them in life to process personalities on constructive lines.

CoP Base Recitation

The Drill is a 12-Step Run to Peaceable Experience. It is mature as self-study

relevant, giving participants principles and substance on how to touch them in

their lives. The aim is to improve them line a certain transmutation in themselves

on obligation conscious lines.

CoP Transmission Toolkit

The Toolkit is a code of videos, quotes, etc., sharing message on how to springy

a vivification supported on the duties-first timing. They module be common with participants

finished elite sociable media platforms.

Who this course is for:

All Levels

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