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Originate along to read a deltoid, but strong workflow from a pro colorist! Opine Bob Doc…ish, with lower enation.


Students demand to realise the radical use of Create (layers, brushes, etc) antecedent to enrolling. This is NOT a conceiver’s row on Multiply. I would suggest my way, The Conceiver’s Enchiridion to Digital Art with Multiply, for those that are new to Multiply.
Procreate, an iPad, and an Apple Pencil or stylus are recommended for this layer. The concepts can be applied to new art apps, but exclusive Make will be used in the teaching.


Hi! In this way, we’ll be foodstuff a goblin! (The time-lapse in the promo recording was created from the lessons of this layer!)

We’ll go through foodstuff the uncastrated representative, step-by-step, from sign to completion. I’ll justify each start of the touch throughout. I was inspired to create this layer after someone remunerative me a wonderful compliment…

“It reminds me of watching Bob Doc!”

I judge that’s a attain, but I’ll stand it! 🙂 I’ll be display you how I use Create to make lush colors all on one information! Create is a rattling regent digital art sweat. I change use it in my authority manipulate for performer product publishers similar Human Comics and Top Cow.

We’ll covert scene emblem, shadows, unswerving sunlit sources, discursive lights, convert the colors of the lines, and smooth add many special personalty all on one illustration!

I’ll also allow:

A pick of Procreate brushes utilised in the pedagogy.

My inalterable bedded file of the finished opus, so you can see how it all comes together!

A edition with exclusive flavorless colors, so you can effectuation your illumination and shadows.

An inked variation to start with the vapid emblem.

A drawing version if you requirement to ink it yourself.

Arch notes!

Although I do justify what I’m doing throughout, this way assumes that you translate the most fundamental Make functions like where the haircare and eraser tools are.

This is not a “how to poker” way. The action instrument begin with the ink drain of the testimonial. This pedagogy is convergent on coloring this part illustration. The lessons learned can be practical to most any form of art.

This class uses the Procreate app for iPad. These principles can be applied to digital art apps that bonk layers, compounding modes, and masks similar Photoshop, Dress Flat Pro, ArtStudio Pro, Krita, etc, but only Multiply is utilised in this class.

Who this pedagogy is for:

Relatively new and gray digital artists.
Students sensing for a step-by-step way to thoroughgoing an instance.

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